Placement Exams

General Information


Diné College requires all new students to take the reading, writing, and math placement tests prior to or during registration. Students are expected to accept the course placement indicated by their tests scores. However, if students feel they should be placed into a higher course, they may challenge the tests before registering for classes.

Exceptions may be made for transfer students who have successfully completed college level English, math, or reading at another institution upon presentation of an official transcript of previous coursework. The appropriate department, in coordination with the Office of Records and Admissions, determines the validity of the transfer grade. Transfer students who cannot prove previous coursework in English, math or reading must take the Placement tests.

Drivers License or State Issued ID and a Social Security Card are required at time of testing. Testing can be taken at any Center and scores will be transferred to the center you plan to attend. Just inform the test administrator or proctor where you will be attending. No appointment needed at the Tsaile Campus however, appointments are required at other Centers.

None of the tests are timed so we encourage that you take your time. The tests take approximately 3 hours to complete if all tests are needed. These tests are not a pass/fail type; they are given to let us (Diné College) know your reading, writing, and mathematics skills so you are placed correctly in the appropriate classes.


Diné College administers the ACCUPLACER Online Placement Testing

ACCUPLACER Online is owned by The College Board and is an Internet-based computer-adaptive placement testing providing fast, accurate determination of student skills and specific developmental needs.

Since 1999, ACCUPLACER has assisted in the assessment and accurate placement of eight million students into college-level or developmental courses.

Student interested in learning more about ACCUPLACER online testing click here.