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Summer Institute Increases Success for Freshmen at Diné College

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August 5, 2013

Tsaile, AZ - The 2013 Summer Institute concluded another successful two-week intensive program for incoming freshman to the College. The 26 students who took part in the summer program celebrated their initiation on Friday, August 2. The students were given the opportunity to gain awareness of Diné College resources through seminars and workshops in the residential program sponsored by a Tittle III grant under the Student Services.

“We provide them with important information to help them succeed in their first semester at Diné College,” said Apryl Joe, Advisor and Coordinator for the Summer Institute. “With the combined effort of our staff, institute coordinators and faculty we are confident these students will achieve success.”

The Summer Institute was held at the Tsaile Campus for the second year on July 20 through August 2. This year the program integrated subjects such as reading, writing and mathematics to strengthen academic skills upon entering the Fall 2013 semester. In addition to gaining a college experience, students who participated the entire two weeks earned 3 credit hours at the College.

Freshman admitted to Diné College for the Fall 2013 semester were invited to attend the program. By increasing the success rates for incoming freshman the College seeks to improve graduation rates as well. The program also teamed the participants with mentors and tutors who are current college students or recent graduates of the College.

Students from the previous year revealed the program is capable of increasing success rates in their first year. Many testified the program was beneficial and helped them to gain awareness before they entered their first year of College.

“A majority of the students from the 2012 Sumer Institute successfully completed their first year at Diné College,” said Dean of Academics, Abraham Bitok. “This reflects how successful the institute is in helping these students in their first year and that is what any institution likes to see from their students.”

Diné College introduced the summer bridge program in the summer of 2012; during that year the program received 50 participants from across the Navajo Nation. The Title III and Student Success at the College aims to launch another Summer Institute for the summer of 2014.