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Diné College Chinle Regional Center Relocate to Improve Learning Facilities

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February 25, 2014

Chinle, AZ – On February 19, 2014, Diné College and the Chinle Nursing Home established a partnership that will provide students with a new learning environment. Chief Executive Officer of the nursing home, Wayne Claw, Diné College President, Dr. Maggie George and Dean of Academics, Abraham Bitok met to finalize the agreement that will relocate the Diné College Chinle regional center next door to the Chinle Nursing Home. Students majoring in health occupation and other relevant courses will now experience the new location that will allow for an interactive learning environment.

“It’s a great location and we are always looking for better avenues to serve our students. By relocating the center, the College will greatly benefit by reducing cost and increasing the quality of our services,” said Dean of Academics, Abraham Bitok.

The building was vacant for the past two years according to Mr. Claw and was not in use due to the lack of operation and maintenance funding. “We wanted to lease the building to someone who can help our organization, Diné College can assist us by providing classes to our nurses and we can provide the environment for students to gain the experience required,” said Mr. Claw

Cathy Bahe, Chinle Center Director is looking forward to the relocation and expects to open its doors to students for the 2014 Summer Session. Currently, the Chinle regional center is located at the Tseyi Shopping Center next to the Pizza Edge. In recent years, the regional center encountered issues such as lack of classroom space and accessibility for students with disabilities.

“The new location will have four classrooms on site and our students will not have to attend their classes at the High School. Often, the classes would coincide with basketball games or other events at the Wildcat Den, at which time our students are required to park further from their classes,” said Ms. Bahe

Ms. Bahe also stated the new building would be much more convenient for the faculty as well, specifying the interaction with students on site. The center serves 62 students; the current location does not have the space to fully accommodate students, faculty and staff.