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Blair Business Endowment Scholarship Awarded to Diné College Students

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December 1, 2014

Click for Full Image Tsaile, AZ - Blair Business Endowment Scholarship Awarded to Diné College Students

Tsaile, AZ- For over 20 years, students attending Diné College are given the opportunity to apply for the Blair Scholarship, and for the 2014 Fall Semester, Diné College proudly announced the recipients of the Blair Business Endowment Scholarship awarded through the College’s scholarship office. The scholarship opportunity was made available to students majoring in Business or Physical Education at the College from any of the 110 chapter houses on the Navajo Nation. This year, Francetta Begaye and Katedeleen Slowman were selected as recipients of the $500.00 Scholarship to assist with their educational expenses. The scholarship awards were announced and presented informally on Thursday October 3, 2014 at the Student Success Center.

“We are extremely grateful for the support of Hank Blair and his mother for establishing this scholarship for our students,” said Ordell Joe, Financial Aid Officer at Diné College. “The scholarships enable our students to graduate on-time, all while taking advantage of our support services.”

Ms. Francetta Begaye of the Lukachukai chapter house also received the award for the 2014 Fall Semester. She is currently a sophomore majoring Business Administration. Katedeleen Slowman a sophomore majoring in Business Admisinstration from the Tsaile/Wheatfields chapter house was selected as one of the recipients. In the 2015 Spring Semester Ms. Slowman anticipates to graduate with her Associate Degree in Business Administration. She plans on pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at the College as well.

Mr. Hank Blair owner of Totsoh Trading Post has provided students of Diné College with the Scholarship. Although all Navajo students are eligible to apply for the award, the selection is aimed at students from Kayenta and Red Mesa chapter houses. Students can apply for the Blair Scholarship in the spring semester. Ordell Joe was pleased with the selection of 2014 Fall Semester scholarship recipients and is now accepting applications for the upcoming 2015 Spring Semester. For more information, contact Ordell Joe Financial Aid Officer at Diné College at ojoe@dinecollege.edu or (928) 724-6737.