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Diné College welcomes youth

“The students enjoyed being a part of the larger college campus and hearing from students, faculty and staff.” –Winifred B. Jumbo, Diné College recruiter

Tsaile, Ariz.—Students from around the Navajo Nation made a visit to Diné College last month to immerse themselves into the ‘college atmosphere.’

The main purpose for the visit was to get students excited about attending college and thinking about future higher education plans, said Winifred Jumbo, recruiter with Diné College.

“Young ones should experience a college visit to build a pathway to higher education,” Jumbo explained.

On Thursday, May 19, thirty-three kindergarten students from Hunters Point Elementary School engaged in numerous activities on campus. The students spent a day with the Recruitment Office and Museum staff.

Various staff presented a puppet show to welcome the students to Diné College. The students also created side walk chalk art in front of the Ned Hatathlie Center (NHC) building.

Another arts and crafts the students did include creating their very own cornhusk dolls. Additionally, the students took a brief tour of the Museum and ate a delicious lunch while watching Finding Nemo in the Navajo Language.

On Monday, May 23, sixty second-grade students visited the Tsaile Main Campus. Again, the Recruitment Office and Museum staff welcomed the students with a puppet show. The students made tie-dye shirts and cornhusk dolls.

They created sidewalk chalk art in front of the NHC building and read stories in our Navajo Language followed by a brief tour of the Museum. The second group of students also watched Finding Nemo in the Navajo Language while enjoying meal in the cafeteria.

The students ended the day by taking a tour of the campus. Afterwards, each student was given a Diné College jump rope for his or her great behavior and attitude

 Diné College hopes to see these students here on our College campus in ten years as enrolled students.

As part of its recruitment initiative, the recruitment office receives requests from various educational institutes and also seeks opportunities to share Diné College with everyone.

Appreciation is extended to the Recruitment Office, Museum Staff, Dean of Outreach, and Aramark catering for making the event a success.

Contact: Winifred Jumbo, Recruiter at (928) 724-6733 or wbjumbo@dincollege.edu