Dine College

STEM 2020 Project

A five year project funded by the National Science Foundation

Principal Investigator(PI):
Don Robinson e-mail
Science Department
Tsaile Campus

Mark Bauer e-mail
Science Department
Shiprock Campus

Henry Fowler e-mail
Math Department
Tsaile Campus

The College is pleased to annouce a new project: STEM 2020. The project is funded by a new five-year grant for $2.5M from the National Science Foundation.

The Purpose of STEM 2020 is to design, implement, and assess new academic programs and services in STEM-related fields through place- and inquiry-based approaches.

College faculty and staff are beginning to design new bachelor's degree progams. The degrees, along with persons whom you can contact for more inforamiton, are as follows:

• B.S. in Biology: Margaret Mayer, Science Department. (928) 724-6626.
• B.A.E. in Secondary Education — Math: Velma Hale, CDTE. (928) 724-6818.
• B.A.E. in Secondary Education — Science: Velma Hale, CDTE. (929) 724-6818.

Also under consideration are the following (contact person for more information):

• A.S. in Pre-Engineering: Oleksandr Makeyev, Math Department (928) 724-6960.
• Certificate in Computer Science: Willis Tsosie, Math Department. (928) 724-6965.
• Certificate in Geographic Information Systems: Shannon Rupert. (505) 368-3586.

Come back to this web page often for updated information on the new degree offerings. Contact an appropriate "go-to" person for immediate assistance, in general and for academic and career advisement, specifically.

Intership opportunities

Pacific Internship Programs for Exploring Science