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One College Multi-Site System

The main campus of Diné College is located at Tsaile (Tsééhílí), Arizona, the “place where the stream flows into the canyon.” Sites at Window Rock, Chinle, and Tuba City serve Arizona residents, while a branch campus at Shiprock and a Site at Crownpoint serves New Mexico residents. Click here to view a map.

General Education program courses are offered at all sites and each site offers limited degree programs. The main sources of revenue for the College come from the Bureau of Indian Affairs and from the Navajo Nation. The states of Arizona and New Mexico, plus grants from public and private sources augment Diné College’s revenue.

Highway 191
PO Box 1997
Chinle, AZ 86503

College Extension: 7100

1228 Yucca St.
PO Box 580
Shiprock, NM 87420

DC Extension: 3500

600 Edgewater Dr.
PO Box 1716
Tuba City, AZ 85045

DC Extension: 7500

Hwy. 371 - Route 9
PO Box 57
Crownpoint, NM 87313

DC Extension: 7200

1 Circle Dr.
Route 12
Tsaile, AZ 86556

DC Extension: 6600

Tribal Hill Dr.
PO Box 1924
Window Rock, AZ 86515

DC Extension: 7600