General Education Program Requirements

General Information

Each student enrolled in a Diné College degree program or planning to transfer to a four-year institution should complete a required number of academic credit hours in general education. Students enrolled in a certificate program of study are exempt from all general education requirements. The credits for the general education requirements are distributed across broad discipline areas by degree program.
The following General Education requirements will be in effect for the A.A., A.S., and A.A. S. degrees at Diné College.

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Navajo and Indian Studies Requirements
Students must complete nine or 10 credit hours depending on their Navajo Language proficiency as a non-speaker or native speaker. Navajo and Indian Studies courses are required of all students enrolled in any degree program at Diné College. Culture, history, language, and philosophy are areas in which courses have been developed and are taught in Navajo and English. Courses are offered for two tracks of Navajo language capability: speaker and nonspeaker. A placement test given by Navajo language instructors during advisement, registration, and/or during the first day of instruction determines the student's proficiency level and placement in the appropriate course.
For native speakers of Navajo language, three credit hours in each of the following areas must be completed. For non-native speakers, one four credit language course and one three credit course each in culture and history must be completed.

     • Navajo Culture: NIS 111
     • Navajo History: NIS 221
     • Navajo Language: NAV 101 or 102, or 211 or 212

Note on special requirements: Several courses that meet Navajo and Indian Studies requirements also fulfill the AGEC special requirements of intensive writing/critical inquiry, ethnic/race/gender awareness, and/or historical awareness and are identified under the course descriptions.

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