Navajo Children's Multimedia Literature Books By Proficiency Level - Level Four

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Báhí Dzígaidi Bighan
Lorraine Manavi
Curtis Ray Benally
Shicheii Hanishtá
Rose F. Nofchissey
Curtis Ray Benally
Susan Kelewood
Curtis Ray Benally
Názbasgi Dahane'
Susan Kelewood
Keith Dempsey

Bíííb! Bíííb! Bíííb!
Geraldine Garrity


Éhii Binii’
Rosalyn Junes
Curtis Ray Benally
Diné Asdzání
Alice Sandoval
Reada D. Jones-Claw
Líi dóó Kíi
Merlinda Mexicano
Mike Yazzie

Ólta' Góne' Bee Haz'áanii
Toni Lisa Dick
Ella Mae Begay
Pearl Henry

Caroline Yazzie
Ellery Manheimer


Latricia Romone
Lynelle Romone
Lasheena Romone

Audra Platero
Nora Christie



Intermediate Low   Level 4

LISTENING - Able to understand sentence-length utterances, made up of words that have been learned in a limited number of content areas, particularly if strongly supported by the situational context. The content that these learners understand best is about basic personal background and needs, social conventions and routine tasks, such as getting meals and receiving simple instructions and directions. Listening is mainly face-to-face conversations. Understanding is often uneven.

READING - Able to understand main ideas and/or some facts from the simplest connected texts that have a clear underlying internal structure, for example, time sequencing. Examples include messages with social purposes and information for the widest possible audience, such as public announcements and short, straightforward instructions dealing with public life. Some misunderstandings will occur.




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