Navajo Children's Multimedia Literature Books By Proficiency Level - Level Two

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Shaa Ní'aah
Marilyn Deal
Shíká anilyeed
Barbara Howard
Dempsey Begay
Diné Bighan
Lawrence Sam Jr.
Hazhó'ó Ííníshta'
Wally Hayes
Marilyn Deal
Shi K'e Bil Ahidishni
Selena Murphy
Delfred Murphy
Nelford Wilson

Akalii Binalye'e
Reada D. Jones-Claw
Charles Claw Sr.




Novice Mid   Level 2

LISTENING - Able to understand some short, learned utterances, particularly where context strongly supports understanding and speech is clearly audible. Comprehends some words and phrases from simple questions, statements, high-frequency commands and courtesy formulae about topics that refer to basic personal information or the immediate physical setting. The listener requires long pauses to absorb it and periodically asks for repetition and/or a slower rate of speech.

READING - Able to recognize the symbols of the alphabet. The reader can identify an increasing number of highly contextualized words. Material understood rarely exceeds a single phrase at a time, and rereading may be required.




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