Navajo Children's Multimedia Literature Books

The many people involved.... Thank you!

Here is a list of all of the people who have contributed directly to the construction of these multimedia books. If you look for your name on this list, expecting to find it, and do not find it, please contact us immediately. Some of these contributors have been authors; others are illustrators, photographers, and artists; some have read the books onto tape and digital recordings; some have scanned photos, written programs, and run computers; some have edited, written plans, or administered activities. We hope that we have not left anyone out.

Aber, James

Adakai, Vale

Austin-Garrison, Martha

Becenti, Andrew

Begay, Amelia

Begay, Barb

Begay, Bryan

Begay, Dempsey

Begay, Rodrigo D.

Begay, Sanford Keith

Benally, Curtis Ray

Benally, Kathealena

Benally, Thomas

Bia, Ashkie

Bitah, Arnold

Bitah, Karlissa

Brown, Regina Marie Yazzie

Brown, Regne

Cabonie, Irma

Casaus, Bernice

Chavez, Hillaro

Chee, Samuel

Christie, Nora

Clani, Lucille

Claw Sr., Charles

Cly, Alex

Cly, Ted

Cody, Rena

Damon – Frank, Caroleen

Davis, Miranda

Deal, Marilyn

Dempsey, Keith

Descheny, Reeverson

Dick, Toni Lisa

Duncan, Gerrick

Elliot, Floria Ann

Etsitty, Virginia

Frank, Audrey

Frank, Travis

Frazier, Fiona

Frazier, Wenona

Garrity, Geraldine

Gatewood, Alex

Gishal, Marquita

Glover, Veda

Goldtooth, Tony

Graye, Melvin

Gross, Jennifer

Hamilton, Irene Nakai

Harvey, Sheldon

Hayes, Wally

Henry, Pearl

Herder, Shanda

Hildreth, Christine

Hildreth, Glenda

Hinrichsen, Janel

Howard, Barbara

Howard, Melanie

Irwin, Marjorie

Jackson, Sylvia

John, Monita

Johnson, Mary Jane

Jones, Christina

Jones, Justina

Jones, Marla

Jones – Claw, Reada D.

Junes, Roselyn

Kelewood, Susan

Kinsel, Jonathan

Kinsel, Liberty

Lee, Peterson

Little, Monty

Manavi, Lorraine

Manheimer, Ellery

Martinez, Marcia

Mexicano, Merlinda

Mitchell, Leanne

Murphy, Delfred

Murphy, Selena

Nakai, Tulley

Natonabah, Cody R.

Nells, Morgan

Nofchissey, Rose F.

Platero, Audra J.

Ramone, Lasheen

Ramone, Lynelle

Riggs, Susie

Roanhorse, Armondo

Sam, Lawrence

Sam, Pamela

Sandoval, Alice

Sandoval, Joseph

Sandoval, Shawna T.

Secatero, Johnny

Sells, Roseyphena

Shay, Ernest

Silentman – Carr, Cecelia

Slate, Clay

Teller, Debra

Thompson, Jonie

Thompson, Joy

Torres, Linda

Tsinajinnie, Veronica

Tsosie, Arlene

Tsosie, Marlo

Walters, Renae

White, Martha

Whitney, Terrence

Wilson, Nelford

Yazzie, Caroline

Yazzie, Mike

Yazzie, Roberta

Yazzie, Victoria



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