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General Information

A student may request an official transcript from the Registrarís Office, at Tsaile Campus, via a transcript request form. The fee is $5 for each transcript processed through the mail.

 • The Registrarís Office does not process immediate requests for hand carried transcripts. An unofficial transcript may be given directly to the student at no charge. Contact the Registrar's Office for more information.
 • Transcripts or any other information related to a studentís matriculation are not released if the student has an outstanding financial obligation to the College.


Diné College Finance Office accepts cash, money orders, VISA or Master Card debit and credit cards only. Payments must be made to the Cashier in the Finance Office. The Finance Office also accepts debit or credit payments over the phone. The college does not accept personal checks. Contact the Finance and Account Office for more information.

Transcript Form

  Transcript Request Form