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Diné College’s Associate of Science Degree in Mathematics is designed to provide students with the opportunity to acquire skills and knowledge that include the ability to apply mathematical principles competently, think critically and creatively, understand abstract concepts, and use technology to ensure the well-being of the Diné People.

The Science and Physical Education Division at Diné College teaches a BS in Biology degree and a BS in Secondary Education, Science (Biology) tract, degree. We also teach six Associate of Science degrees and four Certificates.

The Bachelor of Science in Biology degree is designed to promote enhanced knowledge and appreciation of life on earth while also providing courses and training that will enable students to succeed in academics, develop a career path, pursue graduate studies, obtain employment and promotion in the workforce, and serve the Navajo Nation. The degree is a total of 122-128 credits, with a minimum of 46 hours in Biology including required courses in vertebrate and invertebrate zoology, ecology, cell biology, evolutionary biology, plant and animal taxonomy, and climate studies. In addition, students will develop broader skills with 27 hours in math, chemistry, and physics, and 42-44 hours of general education courses. Our own summer intern programs in public health and biology are also available to enhance student learning and build contacts with employers on the Navajo Nation.

The Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education, Science track, taught jointly by us and the Center for Diné Teacher Education, is a dual major of education and biology that prepares students to be certified to teach high school biology or other high school sciences, especially on the Reservation, where these teachers are in high demand.

Our six Associate of Science degrees (Biology, General Science, Health Occupation, Environmental Science, Agroecology, and Public Health) allow students to transfer to a four year program or vocational training, while also providing adequate background for many areas of employment.

The AS and four BS in Biological Sciences promotes enhanced knowledge and appreciation of life and of living organisms on earth. Environmental Sciences prepares students for transferring to a Bachelor of Science degree program in Environmental Science, Environmental Management, Environmental Studies, or Science Education for grades 7 through 12. It can be modified for transferring to a B.S. program in other natural science disciplines. The program meets the requirements for Arizona’s General Education Science requirements. The Public Health program is designed for working health professionals as well as those wishing to pursue a health profession that emphasized community and population health. It promotes Navajo concepts of health and wellness. The A.S. in Public Health is either a terminal degree or transfer program to colleges and universities that offer four year programs in public health, health education, health promotion, or community health. The program offers two options: the Health Education (Socio-Cultural) Option and the Environmental Public Health Option.

Certificates in Irrigation Technology, Natural Resources, and Public Health further students abilities and training for many job opportunities, and provide a foundation for additional education and employment options.

Student Opportunity

Students majoring in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics.
We’ve been contacted by some students who are overwhelmed by the number of programs available (a good problem to have!) and so, we have developed a quick video tutorial demonstrating how to use our advanced search page to narrow search results. We hope you will share it with any students who could benefit:

Click here for Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FxKsAGk8dAw

We continue to update programs daily, with over 100 programs added or updated in the last two weeks!

Click here for Video - Undergraduate programs and paid summer research: http://pathwaystoscience.org/Undergrads.aspx


Annual NIH Visit Week

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Academic Pursuits

STEM summer research programs

Nuclear Forensics Undergraduate Summer School Program now accepting applications for summer 2018

Health and biomedical flyer - Summer Internship

The Secretary’s Honors Program (SHP) Cyber Student Volunteer Initiative (CSVI) program
To apply for this program, please visit https://www.zintellect.com/Posting/details/4099

Nominate your student for the Harvey Lincoln Scholarship!

Students interns needed with the BIA, Tribe or a Tribal related program.

Paths to Opportunities

NRCS Pathway Program Vacancy Announcements

National Park Service

Meet The Instructors

Mark Bauer, Shiprock Science Faculty
Ph.D., Northwestern University
(505) 368-3589

Roberta C. Barbalace, Tsaile Science Faculty
M.S., Colorado State University, Animal Science
M.S., Miami University, OH—Botany
B.A., Rutgers University, NJ—Biology and Chemistry
(928) 724-6717

Michael P. Begaye, Shiprock Science Faculty
Ph.D., New Mexico Tech
(505) 368-3581

Dr. Frederick Boyd, Tsaile Science Faculty
Ph.D., Physiology, University of Florida
B.S., Zoology, University of Wisconsin-Madison
(928) 724-6937

Jennifer Buntz, Tuba City Science Faculty
M.S., Eastern New Mexico University
(928) 283-5113

Carrie Cate, Tsaile Science Faculty
Ph.D., Texas A & M University
(928) 724-6721

Henry Fowler, Chair and Tsaile Faculty
Ed.D, Fielding Graduate University
(928) 724-6822

Juanita Francis, Tsaile Faculty
Doctoral Candidate
The University of Arizona
(928) 724-6720

Mr. Chris Guyer, Shiprock Science Faculty
505-368-3556 ext. 3556

Kathryn Hartzell, Shiprock Science Faculty
MAT, Pacific University College of Education
ext. 3584

Barbara A. Klein, Tsaile Science Faculty
M.S., Iowa State University, Microbiology
(928) 724-6939

Oleksandr Makeyev, Tsaile Faculty
PH.D., Clarkson University
(928) 724-6960

Valiollah Manavi, Shiprock Faculty
M.S., Southern Illinois University
(505) 368-3537

Margaret Mayer, Tsaile Science Faculty
M.S., University of Rhode Island

John Murray, Tsaile Faculty
PhD, Clemson University, Engineering
(928) 724-6707

Dennis Price, Shiprock Faculty
B.S., University of Arizona
(505) 368-3535

Donald Robinson, Tsaile Science Faculty
Ph.D, Maharishi University of Managment

Anne C. Semrau, Tsaile Science Faculty
M.S., Antioch New England, Environmental Studies
B.S., University of Texas, Chemistry
(928) 724-6710

Willis Tsosie, Tsaile Faculty
M.S. Montana State University
(928) 724-6965

Cheng Wang, Tsaile Faculty
Ph.D., Arizona State University
(928) 724-6724

Dean & Contact


Nesbah Kahn, Administrative Assistant

Room 123A
Gorman Classroom Building (GCB)
Tsaile Campus


Mail to:
Diné College: School of Science, Technology, Engineering & Math
1 Circle Dr.
Tsaile, AZ 86556