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Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration


This Bachelor of Arts degree is a unique degree program designed to prepare students to take responsible positions in the management of economic growth in the more than 500 federally recognized Native American Tribes. The program will include instructions in business management, principles of accounting and financial management, human resources management, finance, basic economic principles and business law (Federal, State and Tribal) as applied to promoting the economic well-being of the tribal communities.

Application Deadline for 2015-16 Academic Year: June 01, 2017

Admission Map

BA Image

Admission Process for Program

Step 1 - Submit BA program application and additional documentation:

  • Submit application
  • Submit transcripts (or copies) of all college coursework
  • Submit a cover letter

Step 2 - Upon acceptance into the program:

  • Submit a completed Admissions Application and materials for admission to Diné College (if not currently enrolled). For assistance in completing this item please contact Office of Records and Admissions at 928.724.6630.
  • Submit a completed application for Financial Aid (FAFSA, ONNSFA, etc.) For assistance, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 928.724.6738.
  • Submit a completed application for Student Housing if you are planning to live on-campus. For assistance please contact Residence Life at 928.724.6782.

Division Chair & Contact

Faculty Chair

Gloria Price, Faculty
M.V.E., Northern Arizona University


Room 230
Shiprock South
Shiprock Campus



Mail to:
Diné College: Business & Applied Science
1228 Yucca Street
Shiprock, NM 87420