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One of the unique Goals of Diné Studies Program is to promote and perpetuate Navajo Culture. The purpose of the Diné Studies program is to promote basic principles and information in the major areas of Diné Life. The program enables students to pursue a baccalaureate degree in Southwest Studies, American Indian Studies, Anthropology and related fields. This will enable the students to effectively integrate Navajo and Western ways in meeting the challenges of contemporary life.

The purpose of the Associate of Arts in Navajo Language is to prepare students to enter teacher certification programs and become (a) Navajo Language teacher or (b) well-prepared bilingual teachers. Student can also proceed to work in interpretation, translation, anthropology, linguistics and related fields.

For more information, please call (928) 724-6658.

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Meet the Instructors


Wilson Aronilth Jr., Faculty
Honorary Degree, Dine College
928.724.6657    e-mail me

Roger P. Benally., Faculty
M.Ed, Doane College
Educational Leadership
928.724.6659    e-mail me

Avery Denny, Faculty
Hataahlii, Diné Medicine Man's Association Inc.
928.724.6944    e-mail me

Martha Jackson, Faculty
M.A., University of Arizona
928.724.6656    e-mail me

Thomas Littleben Jr., Faculty
B.S., Northern Arizona University
928.724.6665    e-mail me

Gene Vecenti, Faculty
M.Ed, Northern Arizona University
928.724.6663    e-mail me


Martha Austin-Garrison, Faculty
M.Ed, Arizona State University
505.368.3650    e-mail me

Dr. Herbert Benally, Faculty
Ph.D, California Institute of Integral Studies
505.368.3651    e-mail me

Tony Goldtooth, Sr. Faculty
B.S., University of New Mexico
505.368.3652    e-mail me

Window Rock

Don Denetdeal, Faculty
B.S., Northern Arizona University
928.724.6660     e-mail me

Division Chair & Contact

Faculty Chair

Martha Austin-Garrison., Faculty
M.Ed, Arizona State University
505.368.3650     e-mail me


Annette Lang,
Administrative Assistant
e-mail me

Room 500B
Ned Hatathali Center (NHC)
Tsaile Campus

Call: 928.724.6658

Mail to:
Center for Diné Studies
P.O. Box C03
Tsaile, AZ 86556

James McKenzie
Navajo Language Development Coordinator
(928) 724-6946     e-mail me

Christine M. Ami
C. Phil, University of California, Davis
Navajo Cultural Arts Program Grant Manager
(928) 724-6616    e-mail me